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Is Abuse Always Physical?

When the word abuse is used, people’s minds often go straight to physical abuse and with good reason. Physical abuse is horrible. Physical abuse is 100% preventable and 100% wrong. It is a mistake to stop there, however. For sure, physical abuse can result in permanent physical and psychological damage or even death, but there are other types of abuse where the damage doesn’t really show on the outside but lasts much long longer than bruises or even broken bones.  Continue Reading


I hate ants

I came across this blog post years ago. It has clung to my mind ever since I read it. It is probably one of the most poignant and meaningful posts I have ever read. I never seem to remember its location, but I can always find it by typing in the search “little girl. funeral. I hate ants.”

Please Don’t Give me a Christian Answer

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The cycle

There is a definite predictable cycle that occurs in abuse situations. Like dancing, the participants two-step their way through this cycle until it becomes a well rehearsed pattern on perpetual repeat.
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