Coffee and Dear Abby

I am not usually a proponent of Dear Abby, but an article at a table in a coffee shop caught my eye…

I was in Macon, GA last week, fulfilling some clinical requirements for my schooling. In between required activities, some members of my cohort and I went to go get some survival juice (A.K.A. coffee). While sitting at the bistro level table I spotted a newspaper in a nearby chair.

As an aside, I am drawn to newspapers for some reason. They hold some sort of link to my childhood. I loved the colored funnies that came on Saturday (yes, I am that old). And the crossword puzzles that come in the newspaper are still the best.

A title on the open page caught my attention. I perused it, folded it up and stuck it in my computer bag.  It was definitely worth saving and sharing. I came across it again today. I googled the title and sure enough, it can be found on multiple newspaper’s websites, but there are so many annoying ads. Instead of sharing a link, I took a picture of it with my phone and am going to paste it here.

If you don’t mind dealing with annoying banner and pop-up ads, however, do google this article. It is an excellent reminder of behavior that over time a victim begins to accept and consider normal. Normalizing the abnormal. This really is a perfect article.

Thank you, Dear Abby. 

Just for fun, I had to add this very funny sketch of owls based on the coffee they consumed. Laughing doesn’t make anything better, but it sure does feel good to laugh when you get a chance. Hope you giggle at least a little. I did.


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