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A high view of marriage includes divorce


A friend recently shared this article with me and two other friends have also posted it on Facebook. It is a very articulate and well-defended view of divorce in a marriage where the covenant is broken by one partner. While I do not wish the end of a marriage for anyone and would never advocate for it unless absolutely necessary for your physical, emotional and/or mental safety, if you do find yourself in a place where you need to consider officially and legally breaking the bond of marriage, this is an important read. If you think that divorce should never be contemplated and is not a part of God’s plan, you should read this. If you are already divorced and feel the weightiness of that broken bond, you should read this. It is titled “A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce.”

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A High View of Marriage Includes Divorce

Abuse, Church

Is Abuse Always Physical?

When the word abuse is used, people’s minds often go straight to physical abuse and with good reason. Physical abuse is horrible. Physical abuse is 100% preventable and 100% wrong. It is a mistake to stop there, however. For sure, physical abuse can result in permanent physical and psychological damage or even death, but there are other types of abuse where the damage doesn’t really show on the outside but lasts much long longer than bruises or even broken bones.  Continue Reading