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You don’t even know…

I think most people have been on the receiving end of a judgement made without the other party knowing the full story. Most people have probably been guilty of doing the same thing at one time or another. Many times there is not much on the line when we do this. We decide that the cashier is a really unfriendly person without knowing they just got reamed out by the customer before us. We leave without acting on it but have made a judgement nonetheless. Continue Reading

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Why Marriage Counseling Doesn’t Work

One of the things I knew from the outset was that I needed a counselor who understood the situation for what it was. While I realize that this can be said of any counseling situation, this one has a caveat. It appears that in Christian circles conflict between husband and wife is often relegated to being labeled as “marriage problems,” and when marriage problems arise, marriage counseling is prescribed.  Continue Reading


Eight coping strategies for life with a narcissist

As I have noted on my resources page I don’t necessarily wholly endorse all the blogs or articles I reference on my website and this is such an article. It is one I came across shortly after my retreat to my parents home. In general it is not written in a tone I would use. It is blunt, yet straight forward. Channeling your “inner queen”? I am thinking that is not what the Bible teaches, however I would change it to say that being a servant to others does not mean being a rug on which others can wipe their feet. A quick read and beneficial…..



In between inches

Well, I had started to write the second article to Give an Inch, but as it turns out, this is an aside that became too long to finish as Give an Inch 2, thus the title In Between Inches. Continue Reading

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Give an inch

I am quite sure you are familiar with the idiom “Give an inch and they’ll take a mile.” As you know, this refers to the kind of a person who when given a small amount of freedom or power will inevitably try to push for more. Continue Reading